Mind if I have a say on applications?

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Mind if I have a say on applications?

Post  Thewindblows on Wed Jul 09, 2008 12:22 am

Whatever I'm going to say it.

Best AntiVirus with real time protection

Internet Browser(s)
Opera Internet Browser - full of features out of the box and fast. (works on just about everything)
Safari + Webkit - FAST (Works on Windows, but really made for Mac)
Firefox - Decently fast cleans up after itself memory wise, and has good extension. (Works on Windows 2000 or higher, Linux, and Mac)

Best Audio Players:
Amarok ( made for linux KDE )
Banshee ( linux GTK )
aTunes ( Linux more effects than iTunes but stablity is currently lacking )
iTunes ( windows does have afew others though, but meh.)

Best Video Players:
Something that plays video's no best here i tend to like Totem since it supports some neat plugins.
VLC Player is good.
K Lite Codec pack is useful for most video players since it is a giant codec installer.

Instant Messeging:
Mac (Aduim)
Linux ( GTK Pidgin, KDE Kopete )
Windows ( Trillian , Pidgin )
Of course nothing beats the native IM messenger for something, but running 5 messengers can be troublesome.

OpenOffice.org - Held down by trying to get compatibility for non standard formats (hacking a format takes lots of time.)
MS Office - Sort of...

I know of a load more applications, but i don't feel like it.


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Re: Mind if I have a say on applications?

Post  TheHandofOdd on Wed Jul 09, 2008 9:44 am

Ok this is IMO best apps out there.

Best AntiVirus with real time protection
AVG Free
Avast Home
AOL McAfee Internet Security

Internet Browser(s)
Konqueror (Linux)
Seamonkey (Windows, Linux, OS X)
Safari (OS X and Windows)
Firefox (all)

Best Audio Players:
Amarok (Linux)
aTunes (Linux)
Windows Media Player 11 (Windows... duh)
MusicMatch Jukebox v7 (outdated but back in the day, IT was the best)

Best Video Players:
VLC Player (Linux, Windows, OS X)
Media Player Classic (Windows)

Instant Messeging:
Gaim/Pidgin (I'm pretty sure it's for every OS)
Trillian (Windows)

StarOffice, What OpenOffice was based on. It's been around since 1999 and is way more stable then Open.
Microsoft Office, I Don't care If you think M$ SUCKS!!11 It's the best Office App Ever!

Movie Editor:
Adobe Premier (Windows, OS X)
Microsoft Movie Maker
iMovie (OS X)
Kino (Linux)

Audio Editor:
Audacity (all)
Acid (Windows) <--- Best Looper ever!

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