Our Site Desgin *Why it is the way it is* Q/A

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Our Site Desgin *Why it is the way it is* Q/A

Post  TheHandofOdd on Thu Jun 12, 2008 1:51 pm

TKE wanted a site that was fancy and stuff. I could have done that, but here is the deal.

If I made the site like screw attack ext. It would take me ages to update it, why? :

Well pretty much the bigger the template is and the more stuff you have actually hosted on your site the longer it takes stuff to load up on my HTML editor.

Did I (thehandofodd) create the design. :

Yes and no.
My design is based off a styleshout.com template. However I altered it to suite a simplistic fancy.

Blogs, RSS feeds, ext. are they hosted on holycrapbatman.com :

No. The Blog is on wordpress and the rss feed is hosted on Twitter.
Why did I do this? To reduce bandwidth, believe it or not Bravenet is free and gives us 3gb of bandwidth. Yahoo is paid for and gives us 512mb. All that can be pissed away in about a week if we hosted blogs and photos on our site.

Will the site ever get heavily upgraded:

See my plan is once we start earning money from the site. We'll get a bigger better one that lives up to TKE's dreams. As of now the site isn't going to change that much.

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Re: Our Site Desgin *Why it is the way it is* Q/A

Post  tolstoydreamcastfan on Thu Jun 12, 2008 5:57 pm

dud don't worry about it he is just ticked off about the ps3 and metal gear solid 4 thing okay don't worry about tis is an awesome site Surprised

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