death magnetik, godspeed on the devils thunder, and....Slayer!

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death magnetik, godspeed on the devils thunder, and....Slayer!

Post  DethPanada on Fri Sep 05, 2008 3:35 pm

i have picked these three albums since they seem like the strongest, what do you think will win the best metal album of '08?

lets review!
in the years of Metallica from 1983-1989 96-100 metal fans liked them, then from 1991-2007 67-100 metal fans liked there new stuff (still fans of the old)
we all know the bastard shit music albums of load-reload-and the worst of all ST ANGER.
but it seems now that bob rock is out the the picture, and lars was tuned every thing back to normal, james has gave a little more of a thrash sound back to his singing, and the tone is going back to normal, we might have a good album from metallica (which has not been seen in about 20 years).some say the new album is to pop metal sounding, but hey look at all your fan boys fave albums, the black album Rolling Eyes

but let us all sample here, the day that never comes, of death magnetik.

now tell me what you all think on that.

time for cradle of filths new albume...godspeed on the devils thunder!

now i am not gonna go into all of cradles history, blah blah blah, dani has a 5 octave range wow!!

ok we all know that cruelty and the beast was one of the best extreme metal and black metal albums ever!!

but they really fell out with thronogrophy, and got some fans back with nympethamine


and now for slayers new album, its TBA, so no song, but lest all use our minds, last album was like 3.5 stars outta 5, this will be like there 3rd studio album with lombardo, so lets hope for the best.

now some people might be like, what about slipknots new album, or distrubed, or CoB, or even faggotdragon forces album, well either that are all crap (slipknot, DF) or NU metal, and they pretty much all are, distrubeds was ok, but not that great, so deal with it folks.

IMO metallica will win, i am hoping that since we took a leap back to like a modern AJFA and black album, that maybe in a year or 2, we will get somehing like MoP....

NOTE (i could not get the unforgiven 3 to post, along with CoFs new song, sorry kids)

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