Why I've been gone...

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Why I've been gone...

Post  NixonTech2071 on Sat Mar 21, 2009 8:45 am

I do have other hobbies other than games, I am frankly depressed, and I am trying to stay only on a couple of sites... havent exactly made good decisions lately...

Well, it seems we are the best out of the decieved, the V's for victory, the children of men well anyway, I havent made any progress on livevideo mainly cause it suffers from the same glitches of metacafe, yet it runs more heavenly.

Im still dealing with trolls on youtube cause even though I shunned my videos out of profile search, people are berating me saying my not-so-perfect reviews are garbage, I dont know how to make a video? Well how the hell did I go this far with subscribers then? Your one of those tools?

For one thing, youtube IS hopeless, anyone watching/subscribing/uploading are feeding youtube their revenue they no longer deserve, because they set up an intrusive strategy on user-rights. We no longer have user rights on youtube. Get it/got it/good.

Anyone here who has a youtube should do what I do, erase everything on your channels besides videos, Make a black/red background, Quote on why you are leaving, and leave a URL in the "About Me" section, this still garners attention and lets others be aware of the opression and where to go to avoid it.

Im not telling you where to go, but youtube is in armageddon, it's a hell waitign to be unchained.

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Re: Why I've been gone...

Post  tolstoydreamcastfan on Tue Apr 14, 2009 8:28 pm

nice to see your back

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